Release February 2023

Transparency in cross-border transactions

Sending rewards globally on Plum is always exciting—but currency conversion issues can sometimes be a hassle. To make things simpler, we've changed the system to provide admins and recipients with the applicable exchange rates for cross-border conversions, creating transparency in the financial systems.

How is this going to help the Customers?

This will allow customers to know the actual value being charged in their base currency, where there is an exchange rate applicable for their daily orders if any of them are transacting cross-currency products. This also helps create transparency in the Customer’s audits.

Multi-lingual reward links

With this release, we have introduced multilingual capabilities in Xoxo Links. The recipient of a Xoxo Link will be able to choose a language in which they would like to view the options presented in the Links. We have enabled this feature for a few specific customers as a BETA version.

Improved Journey of Marketplace Redemption

We have made it easier for recipients to redeem rewards by customizing the storefront according to the reward they received. This not only speeds up redemption but also eliminates confusion.

Changes in the Plum Pro APIs

API EndpointNew ChangesHow is it helpful?
getVouchers API Response"isPhoneNumberMandatory" field is added in the API response which shows True/False in responseThis allows you to know if the product requires Phone number while placing the order
getOrderDetails API ResponseWe have added the timestamp information in the "orderDate" field which was earlier showing only date

Before: "orderDate": "2023-01-24"

After: "orderDate": "2023-01-24 13:19:58" in GMT +5:30
This allows user to know the exact time the order is placed which can be used as reference during internal audit

Integrate rapidly with any tool

In this release, we worked to optimize our integration architecture and have added capabilities to integrate with over 100+ leading SaaS platforms from popular CRMs, to Marketing Automation, and support ticket systems to referral platforms and everything in between!

With this new optimized architecture in the Xoxoday back-end, you can connect with any tools you already use to send rewards based on the trigger criteria that fit your imagination or your business logic. Also, as an added advantage, you can tweak and customize the nature of the integration—as long as the other tool provides us with an API for that feature!

Tools you may be already using (to name a few):

  • CRM
  1. Freshsales
    Robust Yet Easy-To-Use CRM Software from the stable of FreshWorks.
  2. Salesforce
    World's #1 CRM. The integrated platform, AI, app development, and best-in-class apps.
  3. HubSpot
    Flexible and easy-to-use CRM and Marketing Automation tool!
  4. Pipedrive
    Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM tool.
  5. CloseCRM
    Close is the inside sales CRM for startups and SMBs.
  • Marketing Automation
  1. Oracle Eloqua
    A best-in-class B2B marketing automation solution, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation offers campaign design and advanced lead scoring.
  2. Marketo
    Marketo is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based marketing automation software owned by Adobe.
  3. Salesforce Pardot
    A full suite of B2B marketing automation tools from Salesforce.
  4. Constant Contact
    With Constant Contact, you can create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals