Release February 2024

Effortless App Navigation & Enhanced Help Access

We've polished up the look and smoothened your navigation through the app, bringing simplicity to the forefront. Our detailed Help section is now just a tap away in the Rewards section that explains more about a specific distribution mode. The right-hand panel includes a new progress stepper showing exactly which step of the journey you’re on.

Customizable Reward Email Templates

Elevate your reward emails with our newly refined email templates. Choose your favorite one and set it as your default template with ease. Each template now includes a customizable subject line, ensuring every message carries your unique touch, elevating your engagement with recipients.

Streamlined Funding & Organized Transaction Tracking

We've enhanced the admin experience by directly integrating the "Add Funds" feature on the “Send Rewards" page, informing you of the available balance before dispatching rewards. We've also repositioned the "Transaction History" (formerly known as "Payment Reports") into the "Payments" section to align logically with the funds added to the system.

Seamless Bank Transfer with Domestic Wire for USD account

You can now effortlessly add funds directly from the Admin Dashboard to accounts with base currency set as USD, bypassing the need for emails to the Xoxoday Finance team to add funds after initiating the bank transfers. Choose between domestic wire transfers powered by Stripe for an efficient and secure way to add funds.

Unlock Precise Rewarding with Decimal Denominations

Admins will now have the flexibility to send rewards with lower decimal values, like $0.01, $0.1, $0.5, etc., to their users. Ideal for gaming companies, this update supports nuanced user engagement and retention strategies by rewarding users with fractional values for in-game task completion, leveling up, and hosting events for the game community.

Upcoming Features

  1. Consumer Engagement Features
    Revolutionize your promotional activities with Xoxoday's engaging consumer promotion features: spin the wheel, scratch cards, and sweepstakes. These fun, interactive engagement boosters help increase participation rates and enrich user experience.
  2. Upgraded Email Templates for Enhanced Personalization
    New email templates with advanced personalization capabilities, including a drag-and-drop email creator and content editor. Ideal for rewards announcements, celebrations, or promotions, these templates ensure your emails drive higher engagement and response rates.
  3. Revamped Integration Module
    A streamlined integration process to offer a simple and intuitive user experience while setting up reward automation with your favorite platforms. This approach will ensure quick and seamless integration, enhancing the user experience and efficiency of reward distribution.
  4. Teams and Budgets
    Superadmins can streamline team management by creating groups of admins and assigning dedicated reward budgets to each team. This feature enhances incentive distribution control, fostering targeted engagement and motivation within teams.