Release May 2022

This May, we have undergone a few major changes on the plum admin side.

On the integration side, we have improved Migration of our Hubspot app to granular CRM scopes, 'Preview Module' for ZohoCRM and Salesforce etc.

Here are more details about the latest update:

Plum Admin

Collection of user redemption details with Xoxo Links

With the new release, clients will now have the option to collect the recipient's email ID/phone number during redemption. This gives immense value to those running marketing campaigns and consumer promotions, as they can now have complete insight into who has redeemed the reward. This data is available in reports for both rewards sent directly through the platform, via integrations, or by generating many links for the admin and sending them out later.

New Campaign Page

We have completely redesigned the campaign page by taking a completely different approach that optimizes to show precisely what brands are available and gives the user a clear indication of the country selected, the categories selected, and the number of products chosen, all on a single screen. This new campaign feature works with Xoxo Codes and Links.

Status integration of Xoxo Link reports

The new reporting filters were added to give complete insights into the reward redemption process to the users running marketing campaigns or consumer promotions via Plum. You can view the details under Reports > Xoxo Links > Individual Link > View details.

Unsubscribe for low balance notifications

We have added an unsubscribe notification in the emails. The link is generally visible at the bottom of the notification email. If you don't want to receive a particular notification, you can choose to unsubscribe from all the low balance notification emails.

Editing sender's email ID

In many instances, the reward emails were going to spam or not delivered when the sender's email ID was changed. Now we have restricted the sender email ID to be [email protected] by default (for new accounts), and if it needs to be edited, the admin needs to reach out to Xoxoday.

KYB restrictions for admins

To reduce a load of tech architecture and incidents of security issues, for all non-KYB verified accounts, we have now restricted the rewarding to a maximum of 100 recipients, five campaigns, and the addition of any other admin to the account up until the KYC is verified.

Extensive account verification process in plum admin

In order to further optimize the KYB verification process and reduce KYB rejections, we have added new details like website domain, mobile number verification, and some other information in the verification process. Furthermore, any rejected account can not access their plum admin account.

Other admin improvements

There have been improvements in payment report statuses, stopping the expired rewards resend and a few smaller issues.


SAP Customers: Ability to set country-specific budget

Xoxoday now supports a smart multi-account architectural feature for users using SAP SuccessFactors. This feature enables the ability to:

  • Manage wallets and budgets in a decentralized manner for employees in different geographies.
  • Plum accounts can be created for each geography, wherein the different admins can be assigned to manage wallets and budgets independently.
  • Employees can redeem vouchers from their assigned geography.

Changes to Existing Qualtrics Flow

We have improved the Qualtrics user flow to allow public survey creation from the Plum admin account.

Migration of our Hubspot app to granular CRM scopes

We have migrated all the legacy contact APIs to newer ones with this release.

'Preview Module' for ZohoCRM and Salesforce

With our native integration with Zoho CRM, we released updates to the preview page within the Zoho CRM and Salesforce CRM applications. Now the preview page gets a consistent view with what is there in the Plum admin account to maintain consistency between integration and admin accounts.

Automation Settings

The advanced settings (like Set maximum reward count, Set automation date range, and Allow repeat rewarding) were also made available for the 'manual' approval type.

Extra fields in storefront Integration

This feature release works for SAP (country attribute) and Workjam for EmployeeID and BadgeID. We store this information from the TPD data and display it in the redemption history report.

StoreFront Integration

This process is now seamless, and the client's developer team will be able to generate keys from the admin dashboard. Earlier, they would have to contact CS to do so, which leads to a significantly higher lead time to integration.


Amazon direct integration for the US and Canada along with KYB is live. This would lead to margin improvement for Xoxoday. This won't impact existing clients as they can procure Amazon products as usual as KYB is already done with Amazon for them, and new clients can initiate KYB via the Admin dashboard.