Launch Kit

Turn employees into brand advocates. Setup and reward your employees across the lifecycle. Happy rewarding!

What is Plum Launch Kit for HR teams?

  • This launch kit consists of video and email template resources for effectively communicating the launch of Plum within the organisation to the employees.

  • The launch kit consists of multiple email templates that can be mass sent within the organisation for the announcement and adoption of Plum by Xoxoday.

  • All the email templates are attached in the form of a JPG. You can choose to either download the email templates as they are and add them to your mailing tool directly. Or you can use the source file attached and customise it as per your company brand guidelines and own content.

  • The artboard with brand colours and typography is also attached for reference.

  • You can choose to add your company logos and implement a custom brand system to all the designs.

  • Please go through the emails carefully and add the company name wherever the personalisation token is given.\

📹 Video - How to set up your plum account?

📹 Video - How to redeem your rewards on the storefront?

(Meant for employee distribution)

How to use the Plum Launch Kit effectively?

  • (Day -10 to Day 0) - Pre-Launch templates to create the buzz within the organisation and get the employees excited about the upcoming rewards. These can be used before the launch of the platform in the first 10 days before the actual launch date.

  • (Day 1 to 5)- The Introduction to Plum templates can be used on the actual date of launch and Plum implementation (You can choose to alter the content from source files)

  • (Day 6 to 10) - How to sign up and bookmark emails can be sent in the coming week of the launch for employees’ education

  • (Day 11 to 15) - How to redeem emails can be sent within the organisation to iterate on the easy process of redemption of rewards.

📧 Email templates

🎨Art-board (Colour Scheme and Typography)

🌉Pre-Launch Templates

🤝Introduction to Plum Templates

📺How to Sign up on Plum’s reward storefront Template

📑 How to Bookmark Plum’s reward storefront for easy access Template

🎉How to Redeem the Rewards on Plum’s Reward Storefront?