Xoxo Reward Code

What are Xoxo Reward Codes?

Plum offers an option to create and send Xoxo Reward Codes to your employees, stakeholders, or channel partners to gift or reward them for the “Top Performer of the Month”, or any life events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These codes can be used by recipients to purchase/redeem the codes for their items of choice from the Stores platform or the campaign mapped to it.

Xoxo Reward Codes can only be created by the Super Admin/Admin of Plum, generally, CXOs or HR heads give Xoxo Codes to their employees, stakeholders, or channel partners.

Plum by Xoxoday also allows admins and super admins to send dedicated campaigns for all sorts of special occasions. Know more about campaigns here.

In order to receive Xoxo Reward Codes, the recipients must be registered on the Plum platform. If unregistered details of a user are added, the system detects and triggers you to register the user. After the registration, you can proceed with the voucher generation.

Xoxo Reward Codes are customisable according to the occasion or need. You can choose from the already provided templates on the plum platform or you can add your own design if needed.


  • Xoxo Reward Codes cannot be redeemed directly at the venue. You will have to visit and log in to your account on stores.xoxoday.com to redeem the gift card code.

  • You may do partial redemptions for Xoxo Reward Codes and use them until the points are exhausted. Please note that the gift card code can be used within the validity period.

  • A single Xoxo Reward Codes can carry a maximum of 50000 points which can be burned anywhere without any restrictions according to the campaign mapped to it.

  • You can use up to 15 Xoxo Reward Codes in a single transaction. You will have to apply for one gift card code (under “Have a Xoxo Gift Card Code?”) and click apply. Repeat the process to apply more Xoxo Reward Codes.

  • By default, a Xoxo Reward Code is valid for 1 year.

  • A maximum of 9,999 vouchers can be sent to a single person at once.

  • You can choose multiple gift cards to order as long as the amount does not exceed your Xoxo Reward Code Balance.

  • We will not be able to club the gift card codes or cancel the gift card codes as the gift card codes are delivered to your email id.

  • We regret to inform you that the Xoxo gift cards can not be exchanged for cash.

  • Voucher Error: Kindly share with us the screenshot of the voucher code and the error to [email protected] and we will get this issue resolved in the next 24 hours.