Xoxo Reward Points

What are Xoxo Reward Points?

Xoxo Reward Points can be used by HR heads or CXO’s of a company to distribute rewards and incentivize their employees, stakeholders, or channel partners. Distributed points can be used by the recipients on the Plum Stores Platform.


  • Xoxo Reward Points is the main unit of reward. It is at the core of all transactions. All Catalog Prices & Rewarding will be done based on these Points.

  • The conversion value of points is equivalent to the base currency selected during sign-up. So if USD is selected as the base currency, 1 Point = 1 USD, and if EUR is selected as the base currency, 1 EUR = 1 Point.

  • Xoxo Reward Points are instantly Transferred to a User account. The email Id of the recipient is the unique identifier.

  • The reward points have an expiry of 1 year from the date of issue.

  • Points are accumulated in the user account and they can redeem them in single or multiple transactions, irrespective of how the reward is received. The System takes care to consume the oldest points first to make sure points are used up optimally.

  • Xoxo reward points can be created by Super Admin and Admins under the threshold set for each Admin.

  • Xoxo reward points can be used by the employees, stakeholders, channel partners, etc.